Business Coaching

Our full-fledged services also include coaching business owners and help them identify business goals and objectives. We provide strategies, systems, and processes that help you generate a better return and repeat business.

Our senior workforce is here to develop a plan that encourages you to think outside of the box and showcase how to improve your business performance. We also use tools and techniques to boost sales and productivity, keeping your expenses low and profits high. Consulting with us provides you with strategies and methods that help keep your business sustainable and provide a business advisor designated to bring the desired outcome.

Taxes Federal
and State

Henry&Co., LLC assists everyone who needs tax returns service – federal or state. We know the idea of filing two differents returns, such as federal and state, can be intimidating to many. But we here to help you! It may sound like double-work; however, it isn’t.

Consulting with Henry&Co., allows you to work with senior professionals to understand the entire tax filing process. We’ve made federal and state tax filing seamless for various clientele, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you! We will take you with us through the process, ensuring that you get the most of our service.

Credit Restoration

Most people don’t know that credit restoration isn’t updating credit report information to showcase accurate account status and balance. It’s more than that! It’s essential to understand the differences and provide result-driven solutions.

At Henry&Co., we value our clientele, follow authentic methods and ensure work quality – because we know that the service method and quality are essential to get the desired outcome! Since determining the required steps and executing those steps demand the client’s cooperation, we keep them involved throughout the process. What’s more exciting? We provide consultation and education, which are necessary to maximizing client’s credit score improvement.

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